Mark rashid clinics in the uk 2015

Mark Rashid

Mark Rashid will be teaching a two day horsemanship clinic on 22 - 23 May, 2015 (9.30am - 5.30pm) at Manor Equestrian Centre, Old Salisbury Rd, Romsey SO51 6AN (5 minutes from Jn 2 of M27). He will also be running two, 3 day Aikido for riders workshops on 19 - 21 May, 2015 at Brockenhurst Village Hall, Highwood Road, Brockenhurst, SO42 7RY.

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Horsemanship Clinic: 22/23 May

Timings: 9.30am - 5.30pm

Spectators are very welcome.

The clinics will be run at Manor Equestrian Centre, Old Salisbury Rd, Romsey SO51 6AN

Please bring a chair with you to sit on.

There will be a catering van on site all day.

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Aikido for riders workshop: 19 - 21 May

This is a dismounted workshop held at Brockenhurst Village Hall, Highwood Road, Brockenhurst, SO42 7RY.

The morning group (Group 1) is intended mainly for those to attended the course before or for those who have some martial arts experience.  Group 2 is open to anyone, you do not have to be fit, athletic, young or have any prior martial arts experience at all!

Group 1 will run from 9am - 1pm and Group 2 from 2pm - 6pm (trust me, 4 hours a day is plenty!).

The price of the clinic is £375 with a £150 deposit payable to reserve your place.  The balance of £225 is payable one month before the clinic.  

Course content
The focus of the workshop is the development of self confidence, creation of openings and connections with one's self and with others (human or horse); easy ways for riders to get in shape and stay in shape, the development of feel between partners, overall self protection during a fall and the overall improvement of feel, timing, blending, balance and breath.

We will spend time working together to feel and discuss subtle connections that arise between a horse and rider, we will be doing some cross fit training, rolls and falls and learning a horseman's kata (a series of movements designed specifically for the horseman to improve feel, timing, blending, balance and breathing, and much more).

To give participants some ideas on how to start taking care of their own bodies, work from their core, give them experiences that they may not have had before, as well as help develop a quiet mind.

Cross Fit
These are exercises designed to get participants started on simple ways to get fit and maintain fitness.

Aikido is a martial art that we will be using to help participants learn how to move and work from their core with a partner.  Along with aikido exercises and techniques we will be learning how to roll and fall.  Learning how to fall and roll properly can help decrease or eliminate the fear of falling off of our horses, and create more confidence.  It also helps decrease the likelihood or severe injury from a fall.

Self defense and randori practice are both designed to help build confidence in a person's own skills, and learn to respond to a situation calmly instead of panicking.  These intersect with horsemanship by showing rider's how to develop a thinking/quiet mind that responds properly not only when things are going well, but when they are not going well. The more prepared we are for things that could go wrong, the less tendency they have to go wrong. The more confident and prepared we are, the less we fear.

Information for the participant:
You don't need to have any background in martial arts. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing or a gi if you have it.

This is a fairly physical workshop but everything we do will be at a pace that each person is comfortable with, as well as having safety as a priority.   We have had participants on the course before who have had hip, back and even heart problems and in all cases these participants have fully enjoyed the course and worked at their own level.

It is our intention that you can work at your own speed/comfort level. This course is not about who is better or more fit than anyone else. We are offering the opportunity for personal growth and improved body awareness in a supportive environment.

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About Mark
American horseman, author and clinician Mark Rashid strives to work with horses in a way that preserves those essential parts of their nature: their power, their sensitivity, their subtlety and their desire to get along. Mark grew up under the tutelage of a wizened old horseman in the American Midwest, whose principles still form the foundation for the work he does today. Additionally, Mark Rashid studies and trains in the ancient Japanese martial art of Aikido (which translated, means way of harmony ), and incorporates the ideologies practiced in Aikido into his work with his horses and his students.

Mark has been visiting the UK to work with students and their horses since 1999. Not only a quiet, humble, and respectful person and horseman, Mark is also an outstanding and patient teacher and coach.